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Our Services

Get treatment for all your mental healthcare needs.

Choose from a variety of treatment options using virtual spaces to engage with you from the comfort of your own home. In-person office visits are also available!

Individual Therapy

We believe each person’s journey is unique and deserving of personalized attention. A therapist works closely with you to develop a deep understanding of your unique circumstances, goals, and aspirations. Through compassionate support and guidance, we help you gain insights into patterns, develop coping strategies, and foster personal growth. Through evidence based strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and somatic interventions you will feel empowered to navigate life’s complexities, manage stress, build resilience, and improve your overall well-being.

Family and Couples Therapy

Healthy relationships are fundamental to our well-being. Our family and couples therapy services focus on improving communication, fostering understanding, and strengthening social supports. By creating a safe and neutral environment, each family member can express their concerns, explore dynamics, and work towards mutually beneficial solutions. Whether you’re facing conflicts, struggling with trust, or navigating life transitions we provide tools, techniques, and support to help you rebuild and nurture healthy relationships.

Group Counseling

We are currently assessing interest for locally based therapeutic support groups. Please see below for our group class offerings. If there is a group topic that seems like it may align with your areas of interest, please fill out an interest form with your availability and a team member will reach out to you!

Men’s Health Support Group
This group is intended to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where men canopenly express their thoughts, challenges, and emotions. Navigating the complexities of l life can be overwhelming and our Men’s Health Support group recognizes the unique struggles that men may face. It offers a platform to discuss a wide range of topics including stress management, relationship issues, work-life balance, self-esteem, communication, and personal growth. Through the power of group dynamics and shared experiences, participants will gain insight, support, and encouragement from one another. It’s an opportunity to build connections, foster camaraderie, and realize you are not alone in your journey.

Grief and Loss Processing Group

Loosing a loved one can evoke a wide range of complex emotions and challenges. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and the loss of important figures in our lives can be disorienting and destabilizing for us. This group provides a supportive setting to explore these emotions, express feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and pain, and develop healthy coping mechanisms to navigate the grieving process. Through shared stories, active listening, and mutual validation group members gain valuable insights and perspectives. Join our Grief and Loss Processing group and find comfort in the companionship of others who truly understand. Experience the power of collective healing as well navigate the complexes of grief together. You deserve healing, reliance, and renewed hope, so we invite you to experience it with us.


I’m Trying to Cut Back – a Harm Reduction Drug/Alcohol Support Meeting

Our Harm Reduction Substance Use Group at Estel Counseling is a compassionate and non-judgmental space for individuals who want to explore their relationship with substances and work towards positive change. This group provides a supportive environment where participants can share their experiences, receive guidance, and find encouragement on their journey towards healthier habits and improved well-being.

We understand that substance use concerns are complex and deeply personal. Our Harm Reduction Substance Use Group embraces a harm reduction approach, focusing on minimizing the negative consequences associated with substance use while recognizing the individual’s autonomy and self-determination. We believe that change is possible at any stage of the journey, and we are here to support and empower you along the way.

Through open and honest discussions group members gain insights, share strategies, and receive support from others who understand the challenges of substance use. Our facilitator is a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor who can provide evidence-based techniques, practical tools, and resources to help you make informed decisions, reduce risks, and set achievable goals. We foster an environment of acceptance, understanding, and non-judgment, enabling you to explore your relationship with substances without shame or stigma.

With enough interest, we can create options for both virtual and/or physical group meetings as requested.